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I force myself to cry

(But I haven’t felt so good in a long time)

I’ve spent so many years hating myself

Because I didn’t know how to meet other people’s expactations

I taught myself to clench my jaws

And quietness became my only friend

Now you’re here

And anxieties of a 10-year-old me are back

I scarred my knees and bruised my ribs

To make you happy

And I still don’t know what you want

No matter how many cups of mint tea I would make you

So often I find hellos harder than goodbyes

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Conrad Jon Godly (Switzerland)

An inner knowledge of the essence of mountains grows in us when we look at Godly’s paintings. And it is precisely such internalized knowledge of the mountains that the Swiss artist has continually brought on to the canvas. Godly paints such works exclusively, basically always the same - pictures of mountains in all kinds of weather, sometimes only of rocks formations, big, small, very big and very small paintings - and nothing else really. (cf. What is a mountain? by Philipp Meier)

© All images courtesy the artist

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